Fly Fish the South Fork of the Flathead

South Fork of the Flathead

The Bob Marshall Wilderness

Bob Marshall Wilderness Sign

The South Fork of the Flathead

Pure – that sums up your experience on the South Fork of the Flathead. Pure fishing bliss - one of the largest populations of Westslope Cutthroat in America and home to the largest stronghold of Bull Trout in the lower 48. The pristine conditions within the Bob Marshall are a pure joy to behold - seven days in the world’s first wilderness has a way of de-bugging the soul and re-zeroing the scale like nothing else. The trout beckon, but it is the wilderness that enhances you, reminds you of the pure joy of nature. Join us for an unforgettable fly fishing float trip that is pure Montana at its finest. Montana Flyfishing Connection outfits on the South Fork of the Flathead in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in conjunction with permit holder Joe Muretta.

- Joe Sowerby

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Bob Marshall Trail

Standard Itinerary:

Fly in to Missoula, MT

Day 1: We transport you to the trailhead at Lodgepole Pass, north of the town of Ovando (about 1.5 hours from Missoula) - ride to 1st night's camp on Young’s Creek

Day 2: Half day horseback ride to Big Prairie, wade-fish in the afternoon

Day 3: Layover day in same camp, wade fish Southfork

Days 4 - 6: Float, fish and camp your way down the Southfork

Day 7: Float and fish half day, hike out to Meadow Creek trailhead from the Mid-creek take out (3 miles), drive to Kalispell hotel

Fly out of Kalispell, MT

 Gin clear water

Custom Options Available

The Itinerary that we choose is somewhat up to you, but also is dependent upon factors such as water levels, forest fires, etc., and may be a decision that we make collectively based on the dates of your trip.

Montana Flyfishing

Montana Flyfishing Connection

We also outfit guided trips on the world famous Smith River in central Montana and day trips or week long excursions in Western Montana - including Rock Creek, The Blackfoot, the Bitterroot, the Clark Fork and more.