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Montana Fly Fishing Connection is a focused outfitting business whose passion for excellence is fueled by the ability to call dramatically unique and forever intriguing rivers like the South Fork of the Flathead and Smith, our office. Our success has and can only be measured by the smiles and satisfaction of our guests. We believe it is most important to provide our guests the absolute best possible river experience. This unwavering commitment to quality can only be realized by employing the most experienced staff who each exemplify high character and supply them with the best possible equipment and support. Every year we strive to incrementally improve on every aspect of what we can control, never resting.

Our mission is to create Montana river experiences that enrich our guests' lives to the greatest extent possible through a level of dedication and work ethic unmatched in our industry - all with a great sense of humor.

I'd like to take a moment now to brag about my core guides and staff. It is their dedication to making every trip more professional, better equipped and more successful in every way that is the real reason that this outfitting business has been so successful over the years. But beyond their loyalty to me, it is the fact that these guys are the kind of people that anyone would want to spend five days on the river with that makes our guests want to come back. They are all great individuals in their own right and I keep crossing my fingers every winter that they will want to work again the next year because I know they are all destined for great things in their lives.

Joe Sowerby

Joe Sowerby


Joe Sowerby - Outfitter

Montana Flyfishing Connection, LLC

PO Box 17701 Missoula, MT 59808

Phone: (406) 370-2868 / Fax: (406) 327-0293

Email: joe@smithriverflyfishing.com

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The South Fork of the Flathead